Erasys Consulting

Mission – Better business, people and the world through technology.

Vision – Enabling business to unlock potential and evolve through technology.

Erasys Consulting (Erasys) started in 2009 as a two man firm in the heart of Asia’s largest economy, Jakarta, Indonesia. Starting off by delivering SME solutions, Erasys have since evolved to cater to a spectrum of industries from FMCG, Banking to Manufacturing at the Enterprise scale.

Today we are a 30+ people team with an internal focus on enabling our team’s maximum potential and capabilities.
In recent years our focus is in human centered approach to solutions development and have been actively implementing digital transformation for our clients and partners.

A brief history

Before the beginning - Pre 2010

Two engineers graduated from the same University in the United States, after which they worked in the states in technology companies.


Went back to Indonesia to start a tech company focusing on SME business software.


Continue to deliver Marketing focused digital platforms and software for Enterprises.


Launched inhouse built products such as BIG CRM and ERA ERP.


Continues research and development of Open and Enterprise technology to cater to different industry use cases. Marrying in creative and experiential medias to enhance user experiences.

Software Development

At our core we develop custom web and mobile development for the enterprise. We have a focus mainly on marketing and business platform development using mix of open source and enterprise technologies.

Digital Transformation

We provide consultancy for technology. Commonly we provide audit and recommendation service around the usage of data, Artificial intelligence and process improvement.

ERP & CRM Products

For our homegrown product stack we mainly focus on ERA ERP and BIG CRM as a Platform offering. Both these products are for use in enterprise or medium sized business as they cater to complex use cases and business setups.