Quickest and most cost effective survey solution platform.

SurveyEra is a modern survey platform that allows you to customize and collect large amounts of data from your customers or stakeholders. It offers a variety of features and adheres to data privacy standards. It supports more than 80 languages and over 30 question types.

Corporations, Brands or Academia? SurveyEra is the go to platform for all your survey needs.


SurveyEra does not limit the number of users nor participants.

Central Participant Management

Fully manage participants from all surveys into one master database for global management and segmentation.

Data Protection

Comply with local data privacy policy compliance standards.

User Access Management

Manage access rights and multi level roles for administrative users.

Robust exporting options

Several exporting (XLS, CSV, SPSS etc) format options with unlimited filters and additional functions.

Low cost

Low cost of ownership with industry standard up time and reliability.


Free Software Core

GNU General Public License (v3)

Data Hosting
SGD $33 / 10GB / Month

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