Ideal sales activation tool for agile and rapid sales increase.

EraCRM is recognized as a robust CRM software, tailored for businesses and teams aiming to enhance their customer connections, streamline conversions, and boost sales. It offers a suite of features including client/contact management, sales and marketing tools, data management, and more, all designed to optimize the efficiency of customer relationship practices. With its customizable nature and comprehensive modules, EraCRM stands out as a powerful ally for companies serious about driving growth and success in a competitive market.

The ultimate tool for agile sales teams. Insurance? Property? Canvasing? Automotive Sales Teams?


EraCRM does not limit the number of customer contacts.

Built in Reminder Automation

Industry proven automation templates on lead reminders and lead nurturing strategies.

Data Silo

Allows silo of data between sales persons and individual KPI achievement reports.

Data Integration from Multi Teams

Pull reports from over 2 or more EraCRM instances into a single dashboard

Built for the Road

Mobile ready for ease of updates while on the road and meeting customers.

Low cost

Low cost of ownership with industry standard up time and reliability.


Free Software Core

GNU General Public License (v3)

Data Hosting
SGD $33 / 10 Sales Users / Month

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