We are a technology driven, award winning boutique digital agency HQ in Jakarta, Indonesia with offices in Jogja, Indonesia and Singapore. Our Mantra is to better ourselves to better our clients and partners. We grow and learn as a team to deliver in a client focused manner. Our Tech DNA helps us achieve many integrations and software challenges in house while merging out of the box creativity into the mix.

Lets talk about us for a second. If you are looking for a place to grow, Erasys has a motto of “learning everyday” no matter what level you are at, we strive for excellence in not only end outcomes for our clients but also the process of people growth in the process of those outcomes. For 10 years we have been delivering innovation relentlessly for our partner clients, one thing that has never changed is the value we keep in each of our people.


A core value that we keep very integrated into our daily work towards our partners and internally where openness to speak up and open collaboration is key to the success that we have seen in and out of project work.


Creativity is on the center of all we do, our products and platforms we built is fruits of our core value to always innovate and be creative.


All of our projects are efforts of many and not one, thus this core value is a must have in our organization. We have to work as one team do deliver not just good but great results.


At Erasys we are laser focused on your growth, enabling you to perform at your highest potential.

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